Future features for this website


Never got a reply to my email to the orgmode mailing list so for now I’m just doing

elisp code
(setq org-html-htmlize-output-type 'css)

Comment platform

Change hosting platform?

Now that GitHub pages added https for custom domains, do I have a reason to switch?


make footnotes to show on click or hover?

Run html-profer

make functional css option for htmlize.el

To implement function CSS likely requires rewriting htmlize.el so that instead of prefixed face names being used as css classes, it inserts the face specs like Background and Foreground as appropriate css props. At that point all that is necessary is defining the base face colors which are done in the theme.


TODO fix page flashing on chrome:

html anchors that don’t change on every export

Animate aperture using svg

Idea, have different links correspond to different f stops which change the dof of the background and size of the aperture https://medium.com/@aniboaz/animate-svg-4fa7dd00e860 https://inkscape.org/learn/animation/ https://codyhouse.co/gem/animate-svg-icons-with-css-and-snap

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